We define Garden Rooms and spaces adjacent to the garden with relatively high levels of glazing from which the garden can be enjoyed.

Whereas in the 80s and 90s Conservatories were the fashion clients today tend to seek garden rooms with more solid constitutions which will be easier to heat and at the same time less likely to overheat.

Often we propose Oak Framed buildings but where these are not appropriate the more traditional Orangery type extensions can make an impressive addition to a country property.


An Orangery Type Garden Room

Design for an Oak Framed Garden room




A design for an Oak Framed Garden Room


A simple pitched roof Garden Room


A design for a modern styled Garden Room to a home in Barnet, London.


An Oak Framed Garden Room nearing completion in Clanfield near Burford.


This contemporary Garden Room design is to be built in Tooting Bec, London.


This Extension to a Property in Grafton, near Burford included a glazed link Garden Room.