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This scheme for a 4 bay garage in Stanford In the Vale (Vale of the White Horse District Council) achieved planning permission 2006. The design of Oak Framed Garages requires careful consideration to achieve a truly vernacular looking result.

The practice places great emphasis upon achieving historically correct building  proportions whether the building is a new house, an extension or an outbuilding.  This is particularly important when the home to which the buildings serve is listed or falls within a conservation area. With Garaging, Stabling and out buildings in general achieving the correct proportions will ensure that the completed building does not detract from the aesthetic quality of the main house.

The pitch of the roof is possibly the most important aspect and should always be a minimum of 52 degrees. For more information on the design of Oak Framed Garages in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire please see the article titled Oak Framed Garage design in the Information section of the site.