Design Work

Design Workshop

design workshopIf you are planning a project but don’t know where to start, maybe you could benefit from a design workshop.

Our expertise and speed with computer modelling enables us to offer in hours what with the traditional forms of architecture might have taken months.

During a design workshop we visit you in your home, build a model of your existing house and then develop designs and ideas with you. You have the opportunity to share your ideas, discuss any concerns, and then have your vision brought to life using 3D computer technology.

We offer the chance for you to ask questions such as  will I get planning, how much will it cost and  how long will it take.

A design workshops is a simple solution where we provide you with a high-quality design immediately and you can then either continue independently, or work with us for any, or all, the remaining stages through to completion.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating the Design Workshop concept.

A bespoke design workshop enables clients to explore ideas and possibilities for their new extension or alterations through partcipating in a creative design session. Enabling clients to engage with the architectural design process offers an exciting incite in to the actual architectural design process.

Using 3d modelling software we first laser measure the building or space and create a 3 d model. This model enables us to then sketching over the new work and alter the existing as  necessary.As well as being engaging and easy to understand working in 3D is particularly usefull when designing stairs and areas where levels are of importance.

For more information on the bespoke design session please visit and leave your details.